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07.12.2019 14:46

Hi was just wondering about the price structure of the classes. I was a kung fu student years ago but had to break due to I'll health. Looking return to martial arts

Liam McDonald

07.12.2019 17:32

Hi Eoin, The payment structure is very simple. Training fee is €95 every two months and you can go to as many evening classes as you want in that time.. If you like to start feel free to contact me.

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03.08 | 10:55

Hi Ciarán, If you are interested in running a self defence course or workshop for your TY's please feel free to contact me 087 9956569 or email

26.01 | 08:24

Hi. I would like to sign up my son in adamstown.
Oskar Zawila Age 11

05.07 | 17:35

Hi Aqsa, sorry your message only appeared today. Yes I can set an Intro class for you. Send me an email to and I will get back to you with details.

10.06 | 15:39

Hi i was wondering about lessons for a 6 yr old

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