Guru Liam started Martial Arts Training at the age of 9 in his local Wado Ryu Karate Club. At the age of 15 in 1985 he opened the first public school of Silat in Ireland in Kilrea under the guidence of Guru Jak Othman (Malaysia). For the next 30 Years Guru Liam has dedicated himself to the development, promotion and undestanding of the South East Asian Arts.  

Instructor of Gayong Harimau and Harimau Berantai (Malay Silat) under Guru Jak Othman. Only Irish Silat Teacher to received and awarded "The Pendekar" Title  in Malay Silat. Only Irish Silat Instructor to received a Guru Besar (Master Degree) in Indonesian Pukulan Cimande Silat. Instructor in Valecia Lameco Eskrima under Guro Felix Valencia. Hall Of Fame Award from Combat Magazine for Promotion and Development of Silat in Ireland. European Kali Bronze Medalist, N.Ireland Coach '91-'95 and Trainer of 3 European Gold Medalist. Organiser and host of the Sea of Fusion Festival - Ireland largest Gathering of students for Silat and Kali. Organiser of the European Kali Championships in Ballymena 1995 Feature in Irish Fighter, Combat, MAI, Radio Ulster and UTV. 

Guru Liam over almost 38 years, has been constantly training, developing and bringing over the Worlds Top Teachers. He has brought to teach at his schools in Dublin and Kilrea.

Doug Marcaida, Jeff Davidson. Johnny Silmon, Jak Othman, Richard De Bordes, Marc Denny, Jason Cruz, Cass Magda, Bob Breen, Pat O'Malley, Krishna Godhania, Felix Valencia, John Harvey, William Sanders, Ismail Sujadi, Gending Raspuzi, Deden Effendi are some of the teachers that have been hosted by Guru Liam.

A few Words from Guru Felix Valencia

A few words from Guru jeff

Pendekar Award  in Malay Silat from Guru Jak and the Harimau Berantai Clan

Pendekar Award in Malay Silat from Guru Jak and the Harimau Berantai Clan

"I have known Guru Liam McDonald for many years and have also been fortunate to meet him in Ireland where he runs his silat club. Guru Liam is the most well known and most highly educated silat teacher and practitioner in Ireland. He is well respected in the silat community and has been active in promoting the Indonesian arts not only in Ireland, but also through his vast network of contacts abroad. He has also been, much like myself, positively promoting silat by using it to raise funds and awareness for the Fighting for Lives charity organisation ( ). The level of expertise, knowledge and experience that Guru Liam has is quite remarkable and after numerous years of studying the arts, he has also formulated his own expressions of these beautiful and much loved arts from the Indonesian archipelago." Guru Parvez

"The De Bordes Foundation of Combat Sciences and the Silek Harimau fraternity have known Guru Liam Mc Donald over the past decade as a remarkable persn and a pioneer in establishing Silat in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Guru wealth of experience can help in the development and promotion of this worldly respected Martial Arts discipline"... Grand Master Richard Crabbe De Bordes

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